AliExpress Nigeria: Discover One Little Secret To Start An Online Mini Importation Business In 48 Hours That Pulls In 200k-400k Every Month!"

…No Business Premises; No Customs Procedures; Just N10,000 StartUp Capital!

Some of my results from this lucrative business:

Are you still finding it difficult to import on AliExpress from Nigeria?


Are you still struggling to make money online?


Have you been scammed or lost money in your bid to make money online?


Do you need a legit business that pulls in money like crazy? This is no HYIP or MMM !


Are you unemployed, Student, Civil-Servant, Pastor, Banker, Home-Seater, Retired or you want to add to your source of income?


Are you tired of your daily 8am-5pm tasking job?


Do you want to be totally FREE from financial crisis and be financially buoyant?


If you fall into any of these, the answer and solution is the Online Mini Importation Business - A business where you get to import things at dead cheap price and resell here in Nigeria for huge unimaginable profits.


If you read every single word on this page, I’ll show you how to start this same business in the next 48 hours and start smiling to the bank and never have to worry or struggle again about money.

From the desk of Augustine Okenyi a.k.a. Ken Austin, CEO KeNAustiNLisT


I have been in the Importation business and have made all the mistakes possible but also have had a good level of success.


My advice for you now is to pay close attention to the details you are about to read on this page, simply because it will change your financial status forever.


 A lot of people hid this information you are about to read on this page because it’s one of the proven business that can make you money within the shortest time.


But wait! Before you proceed, if you are hoping to find a magic button that will fetch you 2 million naira by this time tomorrow, then this page is not for you.


If you are ready to follow the exact procedures I want to reveal to you on this page, you are guaranteed of cool money within the shortest time you could ever imagine. Cleared on that?….Read on.

Now, pay close attention and in the next few minutes, you’ll discover how to: 

→Import High quality products for as much as 60% below wholesale or 90% off retail store prices.


 →What’s more, you’ll learn the best kept secrets of successful Importers… How you can easily import from China,  U.S.A and the U.K. 


The Truth is… It’s becoming near impossible to compete in any merchandise-based business today without importing. So the sooner you learn how, the better…and trust me, it’s really not as hard as you think. In fact, I’d like to dispel a few myths about importing…


 MYTH #1: People tell you, importation involves more paperwork which are nightmare! 

FACT: Your Import Agent will do all the paperwork for you – error free!


 MYTH #2: They say, you have to go to Asia in person.

FACT: Today, it’s actually easier to import 100% online and cheaper 99% cases.


 MYTH #3: Imported goods are all crap and cheap Chinese junks. 

FACT: Many big Suppliers and even Apple import most of what they sell today. Even the big names in Nigeria like Jumia, Konga, Alaba and Computer Village Guys etc, import all the stuffs they sell here for peanuts and sell to people at three to five times the cost price. 


MYTH #4: They lie that you have to have tons of CASH to import. 

FACT: Today, you can start your mini importation business with as low as N10,000. 

Here is an example of mine… Infact, when I first started 3 years ago, I imported 10 pieces of luxury WristWatches from China. The 10 pieces only cost me N8,470 (with shipping fee).

I sold the WristWatches for N3,000 per piece. Multiply: N3,000 X 10 pieces = N30,000.


Profit = Total Selling Price – Total Cost Price i.e  N30,000 – N8,470 = N21,530.


I sold the 10 pieces within 4 days and I made a total profit of N21,530. I later proceeded and I imported 100 pieces of this same WristWatch.



100 x N3,000 – Total Cost. That is N215,300  pure profit ! 

Over 400% pure PROFIT without stress. 

You start to see the profit right? You haven’t seen anything yet….


Now, take a look at this: AliExpress Nigeria. This gold-plated necklace worth N12,000 – N25,000 in Nigeria, but you can buy it for just $4 (Less than N1,500 !).

aliexpress Nigeria image


This quality WristWatch only cost $5 and you can resell for N4,000 – N7,000 here in Nigeria: Ali Express Nigeria.

aliexpress Nigeria graphic


Brand new Laptop only cost $85 on this secret website (Less than N29,000): Ali-express Nigeria.

AliExpress Nigeria photo



You Can Get Brazillian hair at Cheaper Prices and sell for N18,000 to N30,00 here in Nigeria: AliExpress Nigeria.

AliExpress Nigeria graphic 2



High quality advanced MakeUp Kits that cost N3,000 – N7,000 in Nigeria only cost N470 on this secret website: Ali Express Nigeria.

AliExpress Nigeria photo 3


High configuration Smart Phone for just $64: Ali-express Nigeria.

AliExpress Nigeria Picture



And imagine getting a Shoe that cost over N10,000 in Nigeria for just $5 (Less than N2,000): AliExpress Nigeria.

AliExpress Nigeria image 4


……I could go on and on.


For real, you could see the products are seriously cheap. Now, imagine the profits you would make per one and on over 10, 20, 40, 100, 500 pieces of such product. Unimaginable profits right? 


That’s the way the importing thing works… You start to see why this is a great business?  You start to see it’s one of the easiest business you can start today, that won’t leave a hole in your pocket, yet be able to make you unbelievable cash…?  


This is the same business that myself and some smart ones  out there are doing to rake in legit money daily.  All you need is some basic knowledge of how it all works… I have made this easier for you by spending a number of painstaking days documenting everything I’ve learnt in the last 3 years about mini importation business in a comprehensive report.   


This is an amazing  report that will make you a master of this business and today you can get a copy right away.


Having been in the Importation Business, I have helped lots of Nigerians to start this same business. And why do I do this? 


The present downturn in the global economy with its attendant effects of mass unemployment and job losses is not peculiar to Nigeria.  Developing nations such as Nigeria are obviously bearing a greater share of the burden. 


  So.…..What Is The Way Out For The Average Nigerian?


 In order to make ends meet, people nowadays not only need to have access to Multiple Streams of Income, but also businesses that bring Constant Streams of Income  – trading… buying and selling. 


…A business whereby the products or goods you sell are rapidly bought by consumers and you need not spend through your nose to raise capital to buy these products.


 …A business in which you import the goods by yourself, right in front of your computer without going through the bureaucratic procedures of Nigeria Customs Service and other government Agencies!


 …This business is the Online Mini Importation Business – Importing items online from the comfort of your Computer or Mobile Phone and at Dead Cheap Prices! 


Hey my soon to be Import Superstar  friend,

 Do you know there are selected genuine websites/portals where you can order for goods, ranging from appliances and gadgets to clothing, smart phones, jewelries etc conveniently, in bulk and at rock-bottom funny prices?


  Do you know getting access to a safe, secure mode of payment that is acceptable on these sites is a breeze?   


Do you know you can start this business with as little as N10,000 and make as much as N200,000 to N400,000 every month?   


Up till now, the only way to really learn this business was to cough out about  N85,000 to N250,000 from the few guys who are doing this business already…and that’s only if they’ll agree to teach you. Not Anymore… Yeah, I have put all the steps you need to learn and start this business.




The Import List Ebook




  • How to start your mini importation business in less than 48 hours from now with just N10,000 and make big cash monthly. I’m talking about N200k to N400k monthly here. And eventually grow it to more than that. 


  • My “One Little Secret” 100% guaranteed import portal aside AliExpress Nigeria  where you can do all your importation with peace of mind and at dead cheap price.  Don’t even try to guess . It’s certainly not what you think!


  • List of other Import Portals and the Complete process to access the selected genuine portals you can use to buy products conveniently.


  • Step by step procedures to order for goods, ranging from appliances and gadgets to clothing, Smart Phones, Jewelries etc conveniently, in bulk and at rock-bottom funny prices.


  • List of hot products that sells like crazy here in Nigeria and how you can also research hot in demand product that would sell  fast.


  • My  powerful steps to source and identify credible supplier for your products and how to identify and avoid low quality products.


  • How to make every payment for your order with your normal ATM cards. (Yes, the same ATM cards issued by your bank… but there’s more to whatever you may be thinking right now).


  • ESCROW ! What the heck is it? – How to use an approved ESCROW payment system that only allow your supplier to be paid when you confirm the delivery of your product and you are pleased with it.


  • List of reputable Logistics companies that will help you to handle your shipping and clearing without additional cost nor custom wahala.


  • Best approach to market your imported products from the comfort of your room and sell fast within a twinkle of an eye.


  • How to sell your imported items right from your bedroom using some tools you already have… (Shhh….don’t say I told you, but one of them is your Facebook account!).


  •  How to partner with  Giant ecommerce companies in Nigeria with over 100 million buyers that are ready to buy your product for any amount you stated and even say “Thank You".


  • And lots more……

Also, there are huge Bonuses that come along with this package.


social media marketing videoSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING  - VIDEOS  (VALUE N25,000).



90 million Nigeria GSM number90 MILLION NIGERIAN GSM PHONE NUMBERS (VALUE N150,000).




BONUS 4:epostmailer



 (VALUE $69.95/N25,000).



The Import List Package



So, How Much For This Comprehensive Mini Importation Guide?

What would you expect to pay for a complete Mini Import business success system like this? Remember, this is more like a ticket to a better and financially stable life. People charge as high as N85,000 to N250,000 just to teach these secrets, and what they teach aren’t close to what you’ll be learning from this guide.


And if I’m to charge you based on the worth of this business, then I won’t be wrong to charge you N200,000. 


FEAR NOT… I’m here to help you. I want you to be part of this and I won’t tell you to pay such amount of money.


Now, here's the deal......


For the First 10 persons, I will be giving out this Training Package plus the Exclusive Bonuses for an Introductory Price of N4,900.  After that the price returns to the real price.


Early Bird Offer (First 10 Persons): N4,900.


When you get this Import List Training Package, you get over 3 years of mini importation experience in just a couple of hours.


What’s more, you get over 100 per cent of your initial startup capital when you get started.  The price is nothing compared to the potential profits you will make in the future doing this business.


The price is also nothing compared to the bonuses alone worth over N200,000.  N4,900 cannot even buy a single bonus out of the four bonuses. When you don’t take action now, you stand to lose these rare bonuses and the opportunity of ever making your financial status better.




You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am very sure of this business and you are covered with my 60 days money back guarantee.


If after you get this Training Package, and you didn’t make money after 60 days following the procedures in the package, contact us and you will be refunded. For your refunds,  contact the following number 08054126922 and your issue will be attended to immediately. (You’ll hardly get this anywhere).


Mini importation complete package


Early Bird Offer (First 10 Persons): N4,900.


Hurry, Early Bird Price ends in...


the importlist ebook testimonial graphic


the importlist ebook testimonial graphic 2


the importlist ebook testimonial image


the importlist ebook testimonial photo


the importlist ebook testimonial photo 2


the importlist ebook testimonial graphic 4

Are you ready to change your financial status for better? Then Mini Importation is for you. This is a lifetime opportunity.


With Mini Importation Business, you are your own boss. You get to import high quality products at dead cheap prices and market or sell your products all at the comfort of your home.


Here's who can start Mini Importation right now. This Business is for you if you fall into any of the following categories: 


  • If you are tired of your daily 8am-5pm tasking job or you want a new business you can do along side your current job.


  • If you are ready to change your level from zero to hero.


  • If you are unemployed, Student, Civil-Servant, Pastor, Banker, Home-Seater, Retired or you want to add to your source of income.


  • If you want to stop calling your relatives to send you money to pay your house rent, children's school fees and to feed your family etc.


  • If you want to be totally FREE from financial crisis and be financially buoyant.


In a nutshell, your current situation, profession or background doesn’t matter. Anyone can do this business!


  • Do I need a website to kick-off ? – You don’t need a website to sell your imported products.


  • I am not in Lagos, can I still do this business? – Yes, you can run this business anywhere in Nigeria.


  • How much capital do I need to startup this business? – I advise People to start small and grow big. With that your little amount, you can kick-off this business and scale up.


  • Do I have to travel to China, Asia, UK or USA before I can import goods? – No, you can run this business from the comfort of your home.


  • Is my money safe with the seller/supplier ? – Yes. There is a payment system called ESCROW. (After you made payment on the platform, the supplier will not be paid until you receive your item in good condition here in Nigeria).


  • How will I sell my products? – I will teach you how to sell or market your products.


  • Do you provide Support after getting this IMPORT LIST Package?– Yes, you are backed by 3 months Support.


  • I’m not an internet guru, can I do this business? –Yes. Anyone can do this business. I have simplified everything and even a 10 years old boy shouldn’t have issues following the procedures. 


  • Do I have to register my business/company name –Business name registration is not a requirement to get started.


  • Do I need an office to get started ? –You don’t need an office. Your Computer or Phone is basically your office!



To Your Success,

Augustine Okenyi,

CEO KeNAustiNLisT.

CUSTOMER CARE LINE/INQUIRIES: 08034036139 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm. SMS: 24/7),
Or send an email to .
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